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Vocals – Alexander Van Ness (2006-)
Lead Guitar – Tyler Harvey (2010-)
Rhythm Guitar – CJ Langmack (2015)
Bass Guitar – J Bennett (2011-)
Drums – Thomas Walling (2011-)

Rhythm Guitar – Sam Wilson (2014-2015)
Rhythm Guitar – Kenny Streza (2013)
Rhythm Guitar – Sunny Kolattukudy (2006-2012)
Drums – Mark Rheaume (2007-2010)

Born on the storm-battered industrial-wasteland of Lake Erie’s shores, Cleveland metal titans Deadiron find themselves on the precipice of change. Since their inception in 2010, the five-piece endured struggles that would have broken many. Dire economic conditions, line-up changes, and a political climate rife with tension have torn apart many a band, but those elements only forged members Alexander Van Ness, Tyler Harvey, J Bennett, and Thomas Walling, into a unit bound and determined for musical domination. Those caustic ingredients, married with the varied music influences and shared discipline of the quintet, have given birth to Deadiron’s signature sound: a thunderous blend of hope and ferocity as melodic as it is pummeling. Charging down a path the likes of which only they can tread, Deadiron stands poised to lay siege to the music scene wherever their banner will sail.