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Independence Day: Land of the Free…

FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD! Yes, Out of the Rust and Ruin is now available for free Mp3 download. Why? Because we want you to have it and we would LOVE it if you would please share it with all of your friends. Your welcome!
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“Out of the Rust and Ruin”


Deadiron to tour with Mushroomhead

We are stoked to announce that we’ll be joining Mushroomhead on tour for a few select dates in April. If you live in the region, now is your shot to check out just how much ass we kick. See you on the road.



Number 1 on ReverbNation

Deadiron continues to hold the #1 spot on ReverbNation for Cleveland metal. They are currently #29 on the US metal chart, #67 in global metal, and #1187 in the world for all genres. What does this all mean? It means Deadiron fans are rabid and can not be stopped! Thank you!

As the Rust spreads throughout the Nation…

ReverbNation Rocks

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Kenny Streza joins Deadiron

The nights have grown long along the rust belt shore and the winds of winter raise in anticipation as Deadiron now announces the debut of their newest member. Though saddened at the departure of Sunny Kolattukudy, today, the fire of passion grows bright again. After a exhaustive search, the band lay their sights on a guitarist of great prowess and renown. From the recently disbanded Shades of Rage, the new rhythmic back bone of the Deadiron quintet is Kenny Streza.


Streza brings a thunder and precision to his instrument reminiscent of metal’s founding heroes. He debuts as Deadiron’s rhythm guitarist, live in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, in celebration of the upcoming new year. It is with high hopes that the secret of steel will ignite the flames of creation as Deadiron sets their goals towards US touring in 2013 as well as returning to the studio to record the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album “Out of the Rust and Ruin.” The aforementioned album is now streaming and downloadable at


This year, the chalice of rock will flow and we will all drink deep.


The Grand Unveiling

DEADIRON turns the page to a new chapter in their story. With the exit of founding member, Sunny Kolattukudy, a void has been left in the Deadiron outfit. Extensive auditions have been tumultuous as the band races to find a proper replacement with the right amount of gumption, gusto, and of course, the silkiest of locks. As the prospects narrow, the question becomes…who will become the rhythm guitarist and newest member of DEADIRON?


The Grand Unveiling will occur on December 8th at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH. Help usher in a new era for DEADIRON on December 8th.

Deadiron Performing



Sunny K will be leaving Deadiron. Farewell show at Cleveland’s Agora Theater…


Dear friends and associates of Deadiron,

It is a time of change for the band, and our tidings come with mixed emotions. We are saddened to announce that Sunny Kolattukudy, long time Deadiron rhythm guitarist, will be parting ways with the band to pursue other goals and opportunities. We are saddened by his departure and we wish him only the best in his endeavors.

It is with excitement, however, that we announce the farewell concert marking Sunny’s last Deadiron performance! October 19th at the world famous Cleveland Agora Theater. We will sell tickets in person for $13, so please Email us for availability as these will go fast. This show marks the fourth annual Deadiron Halloween show and we will be preforming as UNDEADiron for the event! Please come in costume!!!

This change marks the end of a wonderful era. Deadiron has great expectations for this transition and we will continue to pound out the heaviest of metal. We will resume writing our second full length album, and we have much in store for the loyal Ironheads in the coming months. THANK YOU ALL for your unwavering support; it is truly because of you that we are inspired.

In service of Metal we remain,


Agory Night Flier

Deadiron brings Rust & Ruin to Kent State

…this Saturday, October 6th for a free show. Details below…

Kent Flier

Deadiron FAN ART Contest!…

FAN ART CONTEST: You have heard our music, you have seen us perform, you have slept in our T-shirts. Now, it’s your chance to make an impact on the band…

-PICTURES- something you’d like to see on a T-Shirt, a Sticker, our Website, a whacked out cartoon, etc.

-PHOTOS- Who, What, Where is DEADIRON? Use your photography skills to show us what DEADIRON means to you.

-VIDEO- You can just do a Lyric Video using our music, or do a full feature length movie, its up to you!

-MUSIC- Remix, re-write, chop, screw, mix up, mix down, cover, whatever you want to do. Make it yours. Let’s hear it!

The best media will be posted here and on our Facebook page for voting by the fans. This contest is ongoing; we will have a “best of the month, quarter, year,” etc.) Send Pics, Photos, & Video to

Please title your submission “ART_PICTURE” or “ART_(art form)”
and be sure to include your contact information.
Good luck and have fun!
Caravaggio TEST PIC


Two amazing DEADIRON shows in Cleveland!

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