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FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD! Yes, Out of the Rust and Ruin is now available for free Mp3 download. Why? Because we want you to have it and we would LOVE if you would please share it with all of your friends. Your welcome!
If you like the album and want to help us out with the next album, please donate to our Paypal fund below.


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“Out of the Rust and Ruin”


Stream & View Lyrics

1. Out of the Rust and Ruin

2. Unite

3. Turk’s Song

4. On the Line

5. Legacy of Thunder

6. Revelation

7. Underdog

8. Winter is Coming

9. Captivity

10. Stand Alone

11. Under the Midnight Stars

12. Motorbreath

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Click to download a ZIP file of our 3 track demo EP here.

“The Deadiron EP”



1. Revelation

2. Underdog

3. Stand Alone

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