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Deadiron FAN ART Contest!…

FAN ART CONTEST: You have heard our music, you have seen us perform, you have slept in our T-shirts. Now, it’s your chance to make an impact on the band…

-PICTURES- something you’d like to see on a T-Shirt, a Sticker, our Website, a whacked out cartoon, etc.

-PHOTOS- Who, What, Where is DEADIRON? Use your photography skills to show us what DEADIRON means to you.

-VIDEO- You can just do a Lyric Video using our music, or do a full feature length movie, its up to you!

-MUSIC- Remix, re-write, chop, screw, mix up, mix down, cover, whatever you want to do. Make it yours. Let’s hear it!

The best media will be posted here and on our Facebook page for voting by the fans. This contest is ongoing; we will have a “best of the month, quarter, year,” etc.) Send Pics, Photos, & Video to

Please title your submission “ART_PICTURE” or “ART_(art form)”
and be sure to include your contact information.
Good luck and have fun!
Caravaggio TEST PIC