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The music video for “On the Line” is here!

We’ve just released our first music video off of Out of the Rust and Ruin, directed by CK Media. Many thanks to Motorcars Honda for letting us use their shop, and all the actors involved!


Just Announced: Out of the Rust and Ruin CD Release

As we’re tying up the last loose ends in the studio, we’re excited to announce the final release date and our CD release show – MARCH 10th, 2012, you will be able to buy DEADIRON’s debut album, Out of the Rust and Ruin, and rock out with us at Peabody’s Concert Club!

We’ve taken some time to find a diverse group of bands to represent Cleveland and craft a great show – supporting acts include Ruled by Reason, the Approach and the Execution, Taken by Talons, Abandon All Hope, IAMREVENGE, the Facials, Stoneking, Von Isley, and Inoculation!

Tickets are available for FREE! You do not want to miss this!

On January 18th at noon, our Kickstarter project to help fund the release of the album will finally close. As of this post, we’ve raised $743 to help pay for our production costs! This is your last chance to preorder the album and have it delivered to you digitally almost a month before it releases! PREORDER NOW!

A new year for DEADIRON

The results from Project Independent are in. Thanks to the amazing support we’ve received, we’ve taken 2nd place overall, among 360 bands who entered initially, 170 who made the cut after their performance was judged by Project Independent’s panel of experts. This has totally exceeded our expectations and we’re all taken aback by your support! We actually received the most overall votes – 44,835 votes over a 30 day period. We will be soon announcing merchandise giveaways to those fans and friends that we’ve personally felt have promoted this the most.

In other news, you only have a few more days to preorder our new album for as little as $5! Go to our Kickstarter project – you can still sign up even though we’ve met our goal! Don’t you want to hear our album up to a month before it releases? This opportunity ends January 18th at noon.

We’ve just started concept work on our new video scheduled to release on or around the album release date. We’ll be meeting our friends in CK Media to discuss the plans next week.

We had a blast playing the Grog Shop for the Youth of Coventry benefit show with our friends in Stoneking and new friends Through the Looking Glass. The photo above from that show was taken by Metal Kitten Studio Art and Photography. Thanks Kitten!

We’ve also been added to the WJCU Radiothon Benefit on February 17th, 2012. This is going to be a huge show with some of our favorite bands in the area. Stay posted for details!

If you want to catch what the buzz is all about – see us LIVE. Our next show is January 14th at the Spitfire Saloon for FREE, with our friends in Feargrinder.

DEADIRON Urgently Needs Your Help!

We are pleased to announced that DEADIRON has placed second in the 2nd of 3 rounds of Project Independent, a national search for the most promising independent metal band. However, the last round is the one that truly matters in the end – there can only be one band to win a 60 day sponsored tour and a thousand dollars of merchandise. We NEED your help to win this, and you’ve shown us that you can. We know that voting every day has been tiring, but we only need you to do it every day until December 31st!

There’s more. We’re promising to give away the majority of the free merchandise (that we receive as part of the prize) to those of you that promote voting on Facebook. Those of you that are particularly fervent in your support are guaranteed some of our free merch if we get it. To be eligible, you must tag DEADIRON  in your post on Facebook and include instructions to vote for DEADIRON.

1. Go to

2. Select DEADIRON (Cleveland, OH).

3. Click “Submit Vote”.

4. Repeat from every device (iPhone, other computers, tablets).

5. Repost these directions into Facebook, Twitter, and your social networking.

Help DEADIRON expose their new album, Out of the Rust and Ruin

We need your help guys. We placed FIRST in the first round of Project Independent, thanks to your devotion to helping us make this thing happen, with a whopping 13,211 votes in 10 days. We need to keep this momentum up. The second round goes from Dec 11th to Dec 20th. The final round, the round that matters most – where there can only be one winner –  goes from December 21st to December 31st. We are going to win this thing but we need you to do this and repost to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. and get your friends to do this too.

1. Go to Project Independent’s voting page.

2. Select DEADIRON.

3. Click “Submit Vote”.

4. Repeat on all devices (computers, cell phones, etc.)

5. Bonus – Repost these steps on Facebook, Twitter, and tell your friends.

Do this every day from as many devices as possible, and we will get a 60 day sponsored tour next year to promote our new album and spread our music across the country.

The second way that you can help us is by preordering your copy of our new album for as little as $5 through our Kickstarter project.



Finally, please be patient as we will be updating our site in the next few days and things might look a little…funny.




Preorder your DEADIRON album now…

We’re excited to announce this opportunity to preorder your copy of Out of the Rust and Ruin, our first full length album due in March 2012, right now through our Kickstarter Project. We’ve spent a lot of money and upwards of 100 hours in the studio to produce this high quality, 10 song full length album. We need your help to be able to purchase physical copies and get a high quality mastering to make it sound even better. By preordering, you can receive a digital copy of the album in MP3 format up to one month before it’s released! There are lots of other great incentives to donate to us, including being able to come in and do gang vocals with us and forever immortalize yourself on Out of the Rust and Ruin, so please take a look! The minimum donation of only $5 gets you a digital copy of the album!

We also still need your help to win a sponsored tour by Project Independent. Every day you can vote for DEADIRON at their voting page to help us win it! It only takes a few seconds!

(Thanks to Heidi Shapiro for the above photo!)

New Site Coming Soon!

In the meanwhile please head to our Facebook to find the most recent updates.