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Thomas Walling

Drums – Thomas Walling

After ousting Mark Rheaume, Deadiron sought out a new drummer. A mutual friend of the band referred Thomas Walling of Lakewood to try out. He was given the position after less than an hour of his introduction.
Walling, a complex character, brought a balance of sonic harmony and hostility to Deadiron with his technical drum playing. Walling entered the band not only with experience in local Cleveland acts Mo Rage, Ill at Ease, and Degameth, but a sweeping range of musical influences including Classic Rock, Melodic Death Metal, Blues, Funk, Thrash, Eclectic Jazz, Classical, Punk, and Hip Hop. Walling shifts styles on a whim, yet remains calculated in his approach. While in Deadiron, Walling filled in for fellow metal band The Approach & The Execution in 2012 as they searched for a new drummer, often playing with both Deadiron and TA&TE in the same night.

Top 5 Bands: Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Opeth, Children of Bodom, Ozzy Osbourne.
Top 5 Albums: Ozzy-Diary of a Madman, Metallica-Master of Puppets, Megadeth-Rust in Peace, Led Zeppelin-Soundtrack to the Song Remains the Same, Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath.
Age when you started music? 6
First instruments: Voice, Recorder, Baritone, Pencils on Math book, Drums, Guitar.
First thing you remember listening to: The Cars – Someone to Please
First metal song: Ozzy’s Paranoid from Speak of the Devil on a mixtape called “Frankenstein and other Rock Monsters.”
Other bands played in: The Approach & The Execution, Mo Rage, Degameth, Ill at Ease.
Favorite guitarist: Alexi Laiho
Favorite bassist: John Paul Jones
Favorite vocalist: Ozzy Osbourne
Favorite drummer: Justin Foley
Ideal “RIP” metal band: E.Town Concrete
Best concert attended: Black Sabbath 2003, System of a Down 2006, Megadeth 2006, Opeth 2010, Ozzy 2010, Rammstein 2012.
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite drink: Water
Boxers or Briefs: Depends (get it? ;)


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