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Thomas Walling

Percussion – Thomas Walling

In 2011, Deadiron sought out a new drummer. A mutual friend of the band referred Thomas Walling to try out. He was appointed to the position after less than an hour of his introduction. Walling, a complex character, brought a balance of sonic harmony and hostility to Deadiron with his technical drum playing. Walling entered the band not only with experience in local Cleveland acts Mo Rage, Ill at Ease, and Degameth, but a sweeping range of musical influences including Classic Rock, Melodic Death Metal, Blues, Funk, Thrash, Jazz, Punk, and Hip Hop. Walling shifts styles on a whim, yet remains calculated in his approach. While in Deadiron, Walling filled in for fellow metal band, The Approach & The Execution in 2012, as they searched for a new drummer, often playing with both Deadiron and TA&TE in the same night. Beyond percussion duties, Walling has contributed by writing guitar and lyrics for Deadiron, as well as photography and design for their sophomore album, Into the Fray.