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Kenny Streza

(Former) Rhythm Guitar – Kenny Streza

Kenny Streza entered Deadiron late in 2012, replacing founding member Sunny Kolattukudy. Kenny’s baptism to heavy metal originated at an unlikely source;  a video game called Guitar Hero. The  game inspired Kenny to pick up a real guitar and begin learning the ways of his own guitar heroes. Streza would form and front his own band, Shades of Rage, at the age of 17, performing with the likes of Mushroomhead and Chimaira. After two years in Shades, the band disassembled. Recognizing talent and being in need of a rhythm ax, DEADIRON quickly seized the opportunity to claim Streza as one of their own. After touring with the band in 2013, Streza decided to pursuit his musical education and sharpen his shred skills late in the year, and thus, he announced his departure from the band.