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J Bennett

Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals – J Bennett

In the summer of 2011, it was decided that Alex Van Ness could make more of an impact on audiences if he focused his energies focusing only on vocals, thus a full time bassist was needed.
Enter J. Bennett.
After Deadiron’s scouting department had scoured several counties in North East Ohio, they acquired Bennett who left long time band Von Isley for Deadiron. Bennett joined with Walling to make a rock solid rhythm section. Being a 20 year veteran to the bass, influenced in the metal style by Megadeth, Pantera, Iron Maiden, and King Diamond, and a play style inspired by Cliff Burton of Metallica and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Bennett was a natural fit in the band, and brought a vigor and precision to the low end. Being schooled and experienced in theater as well, both as an actor and as a technician, J also performs multiple stage management duties for Deadiron when they are on the road. He has also done extensive work with Van Ness to help develop his vocal styling which became a prominent element on the bands second LP, Into The Fray.