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Alex Van Ness

Vocals – Alex Van Ness

DEADIRON has been fresh on the scene but years in the making, fronted by co-founding member Alex Van Ness. “I’ve been in a lot of local bands, but I’ve never been so proud to be a part of something in my life as this band,” says Van Ness. No stranger to the stage, Van Ness is known for his involvement in Cleveland death metal act Neonatal Death and Oi! punk forerunners, The Brazen Rogues. In spite of such involvements, few of these projects granted Alex the chance to fully portray the feel of his adored city, Cleveland. “I love this city,” he says, “I’m still an old-school Coventry kid at heart and I’ve always dreamed of the music scene bringing people together to do the right thing and have a lot of fun doing it! And now it’s time.”

Top 5 Bands: Metallica, Slayer, Misfits, Blood for Blood, Wisdom in Chains
Top 5 Albums: Metallica -Master of Puppets, Sepultura -Arise, At The Gates -Slaughter of the Soul, Misfits -Collection 1, Rancid -Out Come The Wolves
How old where you when you started music? Fourteen
First instrument: Singing
First thing you remember listening to: Micheal Jackson’s Beat It
Other bands played in: NeoNatal Death, Brazen Rogues
Favorite guitarist: Slash
Favorite bassist: Cliff Burton
Favorite vocalist: Glen Danzig
Favorite drummer: Dave Lumbardo
Ideal “RIP” metal band: At The Gates
Best concert attended: Gwar
Favorite food: Chilie
Favorite drink: Diet Mountain Dew
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs


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