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Vocals – Alex Van Ness (2006-)
Lead Guitar – Tyler Harvey (2010-)
Bass Guitar – J Bennett (2011-)
Drums – Thomas Walling (2011-)

Rhythm Guitar – Kenny Streza (2013)
Rhythm Guitar – Sunny Kolattukudy (2006-2012)
Drums – Mark Rheaume (2007-2010)

Born on the storm-battered industrial-wasteland of Lake Erie’s shores, Cleveland metal titans Deadiron find themselves on the precipice of change. Since their inception in 2010, the five-piece endured struggles that would have broken many. Dire economic conditions, line-up changes, and a political climate rife with tension have torn apart many a band, but those elements only forged members Alexander Van Ness, Tyler Harvey, J Bennett, and Thomas Walling, into a unit bound and determined for musical domination. Those caustic ingredients, married with the varied music influences and shared discipline of the quintet, have given birth to Deadiron’s signature sound: a thunderous blend of hope and ferocity as melodic as it is pummeling. Charging down a path the likes of which only they can tread, Deadiron stands poised to lay siege to the music scene wherever their banner will sail.

  1. Thor December 22, 2011 at 11:30 PM

    I want you guys in my pants.


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